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Clinology is a boutique drug development consulting firm based in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. We are focused on adding efficiency and creativity to your development, while maintaining a solid scientific grasp. You are the expert in your product, but we leverage our experience to support your efforts.





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Biopharma Clinical Development Plans

Clinology has diverse experience in the biopharma clinical development space. We evaluate your product from a variety of angles to determine your fastest route to market, protecting the core development path.

CRO Proposal Strategy

Winning new business for CROs requires sound alignment between sponsor and the CRO team. Clinology can assist with proposal strategy to contribute to new business and subsequent increased revenue.

Selection and Oversight of CROs and Vendors

CRO relationships are the 'arms and legs' of your company, and choosing the right partner is vital. With background in both CRO and biotech, Clinology knows how to build successful relationships.

Infrastructure Planning

Team growth is an exciting stage in the development lifecycle. Clinology can help with intelligent growth planning and hiring decisions to create a nimble team while maintain


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